Used Hot Tubs FOR SALE – Buying Guide

A hot tub is a large investment if bought brand new, but if you consider your needs in advance, you will very likely be able to save money and find a used hot tub for sale that proves perfectly satisfactory. Whether you prefer your hot tub to be circular or square, large or small, it’s not difficult to find all these kinds available on the used market, where you can often find discounts of more than 80% when compared to new.

Used Hot Tubs at Retail Outlets

There is some similarity between car dealerships and stores that sell hot tubs. In both cases, dealers will often be willing to offer a trade in to customers who are shopping for a new unit. This means that stores selling new hot tubs will almost always have a few used ones available as well. Sometimes they have more than just a few. As a customer at one of these stores, you must be careful not to let yourself become drawn to the latest features available only on new units. The salesperson may well encourage you to do just that, but if you are dedicated to getting a bargain, you must tell him or her that your mind is made up and you want to examine only their supply of used hot tubs for sale.

Used Hot Tubs For Sale by Owner

Besides retail stores, the next biggest source of used units will be from individuals who, for whatever reason, prefer to sell off their hot tubs themselves. These sellers often advertise in the classifieds section of the newspaper, in the “used goods” category; in a large metropolitan Sunday paper, there might even be a “used hot tubs for sale” category. Acquiring a used unit from an individual seller is likely to represent more work on your part, since you will have to drive around town seeing the various tubs available on the used market and negotiate with each seller separately in hopes of making a deal you both find acceptable. You will also most likely have to arrange transportation and installation of the used tub in your own backyard on your own, though the seller may be aware of some companies that can provide these services. Despite these drawbacks, the benefits of dealing with an individual seller will probably outweigh them, since you may be able to get an extremely good deal on a used hot tub this way. It will almost certainly require a great deal of effort and many false starts as you see tubs that don’t meet your minimum specifications, but if you persevere, you have a good chance of meeting your goal of acquiring a used hot tub at a very reasonable price.

Drawbacks of Used Hot Tubs

However you acquire your used unit, you should be aware that by choosing not to buy new and instead, you are making a choice that has some negative repercussions. The most obvious drawback to buying a used unit is the fact that unlike a new hot tub, used ones will generally be sold on an “as is” basis, which means that they will not come with any sort of warranty whatsoever. This can be true even if you buy the unit from a retail outlet rather than from an individual seller. The result of this is that once you buy a particular unit, you will find yourself stuck with it, so you had better make sure in advance that it’s in good enough shape to satisfy you for years to come. Needless to say, this requires that you make a thorough inspection of the hot tub before you finalize the purchase. This is the risk of used hot tubs for sale. Don’t be satisfied to see it only in its “dry” state, which is how many sellers will present it to you. Insist that you must see it in operation, and don’t stop at merely watching them fill it up with water to show you that it doesn’t leak. Demand that it be hooked up to electricity as well so that you can see that all heating elements function properly and that any jets or other special features it might have are in working condition. Look underneath the unit while it’s operating to see that there are no hairline cracks or small leaks in the structure. Lastly, you should actually get into the tub to test to strength of the seats or benches molded or installed into it. Granted, you can do this part while the tub is still empty. In fact, it’s better to, because if the seating can withstand your weight in a dry state, then it will certainly hold up when the tub is filled with water and you will have some buoyancy, meaning that the pressure you exert on the seating will be lessened. So this is a drawback of used hot tubs for sale.

Benefits of Used Hot Tubs

The primary benefit is price. New hot tubs are considered to lose a significant portion of their value the moment you “drive them off the lot,” as it were. This means that in buying a new tub, you are immediately losing a large portion of your money because you are the one converting it to “used” status, even before you get it home and start using it. If you buy used to begin with, you won’t suffer the same kind of financial hit on the deal. Sometimes you can find a close-to-new tub for a very attractive price. My advice is to go to a dealer for used hot tubs for sale.